Who We Are

Bucks County Socialists is a political organization committed to education and base-building in pursuit of justice for poor and working people and toward the advancement of a broader struggle against capitalism.

As socialists, we share a vision of a society based on the democratic control of production and resources. A society in which science, technological mastery, and the limitless creativity of humankind are leveraged to reduce the toil and multiply the pleasures of all, rather than serving to maximize the wealth and power of a few. A society where the twin forces of private property and the state have been abolished, and alternative institutions of community empowerment have arisen to take their place.

As a multi-tendency organization, we draw influence from a vast number of trends and movements within the socialist tradition, both past and present. This being the case, theoretical and practical disagreements between members do occur, and are encouraged. Though we strive for consensus decision-making, informed debate and a diversity of tactics are the essence of our democratic functioning.

We unequivocally oppose racism, sexism, xenophobia, and anti-LGBTQ discrimination. In view of this, we work to disrupt any attempt to organize in the defense of privilege and oppression in our communities. We invite every individual to whom these values appeal to join us.

Bucks County Mutual Aid

Capitalism ensures that poverty and hunger exist alongside the greatest possible abundance.

Bucks County Socialists believe that access to healthy food is a fundamental human right. We started BCMA in an effort to address the issue of food insecurity in Bucks County. Did you know that:

Federal programs such as SNAP and WIC provide some relief to people experiencing food insecurity, but these programs are becoming increasingly under attack in Washington and many in need already struggle to qualify under the strict requirements. BCS and BCMA hope to help fill the gap with our Feed the People initiatives, which include regular free food servings and distribution of cold and inclement weather supplies to any who wish to attend.

If you are interested in attending or volunteering at a serve, please email us at bcma@buckscountysocialists.org or visit our Facebook for a list of upcoming events.

If you'd like to support our work by donating, you may do so on on our Cash App, or on a recurring basis from the 'Donate to BCMA' tier on our Patreon. All proceeds go directly to purchasing food and materials for our serves.

Marxist Center Affiliation

Bucks County Socialists has voted to affiliate with the national Marxist Center network!

For more information about the Marxist Center network and to read articles written by members of affiliated organizations, visit Regeneration Magazine